Let’s charge Brussels!

Soon it will be over and out with diesel cars. Brussels will be 100% electric. With EnergyDrive, you'll be in the front row. EnergyDrive has been selected by Sibelga as the preferred partner for the rollout of public charging infrastructure in the Brussels Capital Region. This rollout is part of the ChargyClick programme for the installation of more than 11,000 public charging stations in Brussels by 2035.

EnergyDrive will not only install these charging stations, but will also operate them for 10 years. All electric car users will be able to charge at these points, without any special passes or applications. The price has been set at EUR € 0,29 or € 0,34/kWh (depending on the chargepoint, VAT included), which is 25-50% cheaper than charging at home.


At our charging stations, you can charge in two different ways:

With a charging card (RFID).


If you charge using the card of the Mobility Service Provider (MSP) of your choice, we will invoice your MSP: € 0,29 or € 0,34/kWh (depending on the chargepoint, VAT included). Your MSP may charge extra.

Ad hoc payment via QR code.


You can also opt for direct payment without a charge card. Scan the QR code and follow the instructions. This payment method will cost you € 0,29 or € 0,34/kWh (depending on the chargepoint, VAT included).

In case of ad hoc payments via the QR code, an amount will be temporarily provisioned from your account. This amount will be released again after 1 working day.